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SIR T-351 vs 6OOU w/module for OTA

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I have about 2 weeks to return my 351 for $399 and get the 6000U deal for $199 from E*.

Is this the no brainer it sounds like, or are there other considerations, IE OTA reception...(351 works fine)?

I'll check back this PM for your thoughts...

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No nibbles, Huh? :(

Ah, well...perhaps I should elaborate...I'm looking for people who can compare the OTA reception of the 6000U with the SIR t-351.

Either one is a temp solution until The 921 is available, I just want to be sure I can pull in the same OTA stations with the 6000U I get now with the 351.

I'd rather have a $199 temp solution than a $399 temp solution.

Que no?
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