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SIR-TS360 Serial (RS-232) Commands

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I picked up my SIE-TS360 open box from CC yesterday and it didn't have a remote. So i looked up the few serial codes that where listed on this site and went on from there. This is what I have so far after a few hours of messing around with RS232 Hec Com Utility 5.0 Demo, this is what i found.

SIR-TS360 Codes


0 2A647476300D0A

1 2A647476310D0A

2 2A647476320D0A

3 2A647476330D0A

4 2A647476340D0A

5 2A647476350D0A

6 2A647476360D0A

7 2A647476370D0A

8 2A647476380D0A

9 2A647476390D0A

Alt Audio 2A6474763A0D0A

recall 2A6474763B0D0A

callid Review: 2A6474763C0D0A

ch- 2A6474763D0D0A

ch+ 2A6474763E0D0A

Down 2A6474763F0D0A

exit 2A647476400D0A

(?) 2A647476410D0A

games: 2A647476420D0A

guide: 2A647476430D0A

help: 2A647476440D0A

info: 2A647476450D0A

left 2A647476460D0A

menu: 2A647476470D0A

select/enter 2A647476480D0A

On 2A647476490D0A

off 2A6474764A0D0A

component 2A6474764B0D0A

sat/ant 2A6474764C0D0A

video 2A6474764D0D0A

s-video 2A6474764E0D0A

(?comp?) 2A6474764F0D0A

output res 2A647476500D0A

resolution 2A647476510D0A

standby 2A647476520D0A

weird guide 2A647476530D0A

right 2A647476540D0A

search 2A647476550D0A

(?) 2A647476560D0A

up 2A647476570D0A

Who 2A647476580D0A

zoom 2A647476590D0A

Caption 2A6474765A0D0A

Sys diag 2A6474765B0D0A

Sys Menu 2A6474765C0D0A

(?) 2A6474765D0D0A

hard off 2A6474765E0D0A

(?) 2A6474765F0D0A

(?) 2A647476600D0A

I wish I was a programmer cause i would try and write a program to do this. I should problly email that guy who wrote the other control program and see if he wants to add it's compadility. But for the time being i'll be cut and copying codes into the rs232 program since the remote is backordered 4-6weeks.
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Well i have spent the last 2 days learning VB 6.0 and this is what i have come up with, it only runs on Com port 1 if someone needs another port i can easly rewrite it, the program is really basic just sends commands to the box but works really well, i hope this help someone out there



dtv.zip 6.7275390625k . file


excellent utility. can you provide example of the syntax please? thanks
Does anyone have this non compiled or can you provide provisions to edit this. It's a good start but I would like to modify it further and make it "pretty"
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