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Does anyone have a Sirius home roof-mounted antenna providing signal into their home for more than two locations? I only have one Sportster portable radio, but I have several home dock kits. I'd like to be able to have my CATV RG-6 distribution system (or DSS Sat TV distribution, if I switch to this eventually) be able to handle the distribution of the Sirius signal over the same cabling. I know they sell various kits to join and split the signal over both DSS and CATV, but - I've only seen it portrayed as working with ONE location in the home. Or if you use their "dsitribution kit" (for Sirius/XM alone) then you have to chew up one RG-6 run just for the Satelite Radio feed... in my home I can't add after-market wiring due to it being a 2-story home and a dumb place where they put the distribution panel - under the stairs on the 1st floor, with no conduit to the attic. (idiot homebuilders).

Just curious if anyone managed to get one of the Sirius Distrib Kits modified to send successfully to three rooms, (albeit not to three simulataneous radios at the same time)? I just don't want to have to go under the stairs and pull apart RG-6 wires each time I want to move the radio from the garage, to the family room or the upstairs gameroom.

Thanks in advance for any advise.....

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