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sirius sportster 4

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I have just purchased this and for some reason I have to crank the volume up much higher then my fm radio stations, plus there doesnt seem to be too much bass. this is a wireless fm feed. I have a factory radio what can I do if anything?
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Go into the menu and pump up the audio output setting.
did that...it was turned all the way up....just seems like i have to crank up the radio and there really isnt too much bass..I guess i will try the cassette tape option to see if it improves it. I was going to try a fm modulator but i am told it would do the same. I have no idea though
Direct connect is always the best way to go, if you can.

Cassette tape, or RCA plugs, or 3.5mm plug in would be much better.

Strange about having to crank up the audio output on the Sportster unit all the way.

I have an Audiovox PNP2(about a 2 year old model), and I have my audio output set really low. Like the 2nd or 3rd notch over from the left.

Any higher and the sound is distorted.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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