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I had my Sirius Sportster and Pioneer DEH-P600UB head unit installed at the same time about a year ago. The other night, I had an issue with my car and had to unhook the battery, so the head unit was reset.

I swear everything was cool with my Sirius for a day or so after that, but yesterday it decided to stop working correctly.

I'm thinking I may have the Sirius FM Direct Adapter, but there's a setting either on my head unit or on the Sportster that's not allowing the direct connection. I typically had my stereo tuned to 89.1 (which is NOT a fully-static channel) and the connection was 100% clear.

As of yesterday, and after a call to Sirius, I am now using one of many FM channels, and there's significant static behind the Sirius signal.

Anyone know what's up here? Thanks in advance.
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