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Last year I purchased a Stiletto 2 (SL2) from Sirius Satellite. It comes with a comfortable headset with a satellite antenna built into the headset, earbuds, battery, charger, usb cable and software. Plus you can add an additional 8gb of memory with a microSD card to save your personal mp3 library.

But that's not the cool part. The cool part is that I have used it hiking in the mountains (using my mp3 library), flying coast-to-coast (using the satellite signal which does NOT effect airplane electronics), at the gym (using WiFi to connect to Sirius Internet Radio), in the car and of course my home.

I bought a great home dock, the SIRIUS Connect Home Kit SCHDOC1 which uses a pure digital connection (unlike the RCA in the normal kit home dock kit) into my Sirius XM ready Pioneer VSX-818V-K and it displays the channel name, track and other information right on my receivers display. I also am able to navigate it through my TV screen which is a great perk. My cable company only offers Music Choice and considering how massive the Sirius XM music library is, it's a no brainer for me.

The one thing that's really good though with the home receiver connection is that if you have high end speakers, it's totally worth upgrading to the Premium Internet Radio signal. It's CD quality, with an all digital connection and is actually superior in sound to the Satellite signal.

Finally, with the Stiletto 2 when your driving or walking and you hear a favorite song, you simply click one button and it saves itself as an individual file on the device. There are several methods in transferring those songs to your PC and building a pretty sweet mp3 library.
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