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Sirius Throughout the Home

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Does anyone know a cost-effective way to get Sirius wirelessly throughout the house?

I want to be able to put the Sirius receiver and speakers anywhere in the house.

I have only found this in my searches:

Echo Wireless Home Signal Repeater System

Model#: SIRWRS1
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Find a way to get Sirius over the internet, cheaper and easier.

Do you have speakers already?
So why not use the Echo? I don't know of anything cheaper.

Otherwise you might look at Sonos or Squeezebox products, but they are not necessarily cheap.
I have a home theater, but I usually use a portable radio/cd player for the Sirius.

Has anyone used the Echo and does it work well?

I've never heard of this but it's definitely a good idea (assuming it works of course). If your requirement is to be able to put your Sirius equipment anywhere in your house this might be your best bet. If however you are ok with streaming via the internet you have several options. I use Sonos to play Sirius throughout the house and it would have to take a lot to convince me to use another product! It definitely doesn't fit in the same budget as this repeater system though
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Just looked up a couple reviews for it and all were very positive. One even mentioned that it covers his 5000sq/ft house. YMMV of course and you'll have to decide how trustworthy the reviews are.

Another option is an FM transmitter and tune radios in the house but obviously it would make controlling the station selection difficult.

I checked the 'Sirius Radio' subforum here at AVS and found 2 related posts. One had no replies and one had one reply...nothing of substance: THREAD 1 , T HREAD 2

They are older posts. I'm surprised there hasn't been more posted about the product.
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