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I have recently purchased a slightly used 2012 Honda CR-V EX (iMid, no Nav)

I own a Sirius/XM Starmate 8 which I have had installed with docking stations in my work truck, my home stereo, and the last 2 cars I have owned. I use the Starmate 8 because it is compatible with the 'a la carte' service, and because it is portable.

I intend to install a Powerconnect Dock in the 2012 CR-V, and have been unable to find any threads on the subject. I have scanned MANY threads on XM pricing, adding XM to XM-Ready head units, etc. I have looked here in AVS,http://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/20-mobile-electronics/ CRV Owners club and, siriusbuzz

Does anyone know of any threads that I may have missed here, or on any other site that show where and how to get a clean XM dock install on a recent model CR-V?

Thank You
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