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Sisvel Technology Shows New 3D Tile Format Live at IFA 2010

3D Broadcasting Backwards Compatible

- At IFA 2010, Sisvel Technology is demonstrating the 3D Tile Format, the new solution to improve 3D broadcasting through a creative way to format two stereoscopic images.

- This new technology enables delivery of HD 3D content with a higher quality than current solutions and allows broadcasters to transmit a single video service to 2D and 3D audiences.

- Backwards compatibility of the 3D Tile Format guarantees that consumers with a traditional 2D TV set can still enjoy the service in 2D format
To overcome these drawbacks in 3D broadcasting, Sisvel Technology has created the 3D Tile Format-- a solution allowing the integrated storage of two stereoscopic 720p frames into a single 1080p frame. The reconstructed Left and Right pictures keep their original resolution and will not be affected by the unbalance of the Vertical and Horizontal resolution.

Piedmont, Italy, the World's First Region to Broadcast Backward Compatible 3D TV

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