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To the AVS Forum Community, with special thanks to each of our customers for your steadfast support: We thank and welcome all HTPC and HDTV enthusiasts for their insights, thoughts, and feedback. While we do not have a public presence on the AVS Forum, the information we glean is very valuable and contributes to our product development.

As you may know, accessDTV is an independent, privately held company. We have investment and business relationships with Capitol Broadcasting Company in Raleigh, North Carolina. As many of you know, Capitol’s WRAL-TV was the first station in America to broadcast DTV and HDTV signals and is recognized as a leader and innovator in the digital broadcasting industry.

We believe that our first-product, the accessDTV digital media receiver, now marking its six-month anniversary, has been well received as a breakthrough technology and by the early adopters here at the AVS Forum. As with all cutting-edge companies in the PC industry, we have some issues that we continue to address. We appreciate your ongoing patience as we work to resolve these issues. The overall marketplace response to accessDTV has exceeded our expectations and we are working diligently to address all aspects of this developing industry.

We recognize that the AVS Forum community demonstrates special interest in our product development plans, e.g., future feature releases. We are fully committed and dedicated to enhancing and evolving our offerings. While we may be hesitant to disclose specific enhancements being addressed or dates for delivery, we assure you that the wants and needs expressed by customers and enthusiasts alike are driving elements in prioritizing feature implementations.

AccessDTV is excited to play an important part in the adoption and delivery of DTV to the American consumer. Your continued support and feedback enables us to deliver increasingly valuable solutions that fit the needs of both the AVS Forum enthusiast and average consumer alike. We welcome AVS Forum member comments and suggestions as we recognize the importance of your feedback. Our product development team will be monitoring e-mail from the AVS Community at: [email protected] .


Tom and The accessDTV team
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