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size of surround compared to LCR's

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I will have a wall mounted 52" LCD in the family room and will be purchasing some In-wall/ceiling speakers. Due to space limitation on the wall w/ the TV, I'll need to due ceiling speakers for the LR and an in-wall for the center.

If I did 8" speakers for the LCR, what size would be appropriate for the surrounds? Should I use the same size driver, or go smaller like a 6.5?
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if your primary use of the system is movie soundtracks, 6.5" or 5.5" surrounds will work fine. The surround tracks are mainly positional audio effects and not that demanding on side or rear speakers.
I don't think the size is all that important. In inceiling/inwall, usually it just is a matter of the woofer (most common sizes are 5.25", 6.5" and 8"). Larger = lower bass extension. But as the other poster said, for rears it isn't that critical. I would more concentrate on the timbre matching of the fronts if possible.
Thanks for the replies. I'll purchase smaller surrounds and put the $ towards the center. Right now I'm looking at HTD, Polk, TSC and Speakercraft (AIM 3).

I've read many suggestions that you should use the same series/brand of speaker for the LCR, as to match the tone/timbre/balance ..etc. What about the surrounds? Would it generally be OK to use some cheaper rears (HTD or monoprice) and some better fronts (Speakercraft, Energy)?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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