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Skip past startup/logo screen on XA2?

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I just purchased an XA2 and love the picture quality I get out of it. However, the loading times for discs are almost unbearable. I dropped in the King Kong disc and thought my player was broken at first because it did absolutely nothing. Why don't they indicate the progress on screen or at least let you know that it's working? Once it loads the actual disc, I have to sit through half a minute of annoying HD-DVD and Universal promotion screens.

Is it possible to skip past these? I tried pretty much every button on the remote and none of them make any difference. I can understand being forced to sit through an FBI warning screen, but forcing people to sit through these promotion screens EVERY time you play the disc is unbelievable. I also don't understand why the player doesn't give feedback on button presses that don't work, or are invalid. It's a 2G player, so I would think this would be a given by now.
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No, there is no way to skip past it.

You'll just have to learn to live with it like the rest of us

And if you think the X2 is slow, you would LOVE the X1!!!
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I actually don't mind the HD DVD intros most of the time. I think it gives my theater that extra little distinction when I load one up and have others over, kind of like the THX or DTS clips.
You can skip thru the demo scenes by pushing the >> Chapter Advance button on the remote. Fast forward also works. Or the menu button.

Still can't skip the FBI warning though.
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Yes, but ya cant make it load faster. I take it that was the OP's main beef.

Maybe some future FW up-date? Or wait for gen3!

P.S. You could always nuke some popcorn while you wait!
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works out pretty well for me as the start up time on the A2 (D2) is about the same as the warm up time on my projector.
I loaded up Batman Begins, and other than the FBI warning at the beginning, I was able to skip through the rest. So it seems like the wait time is better or worse depending on the studio, as is the ability to skip past the intros.

The wait time for the XA2 to display ANYTHING on the screen is still pretty terrible. I can't believe they don't even have a splash screen.
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