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Skips & jumps... HD Oh my!!!

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I think my Showstopper is showing it's age. Some of the recorded shows at high, play back with has skips, jumps & freeze frames. Any fixes other than replacing the the HD??

Thanks, Marjory
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Could be your cable signal, you could try boosting it. But the hard drive is the most likely candidate.
Yup, look to the drive. If all's lost you may want to try the factory reset, what's it 777-zones on the SS? Your shows will be deleted but... it may help. O-wise look for a new drive as the best cure.
On a PC, I would run an analysis of the HD & defrag it. I presume there's nothing like on the Replay? What does a Factory Reset do? (beside lose all the shows:p)

I noticed on another thread about a Replay in front of a center speaker. This Replay sits on top of my Mits next to the center speaker.... Problem?

OTH - this is a perfect opportunity to upgrade the Replay with a bigger HD... :D

Factory Reset puts the machine back to its original state prior to being used. It can eliminate problems stemming from corrupt files on the box.

There are no tools to run an analysis of the HD or to defrag a HD on the Replay itself. You can pull the drive and use whatever tools the drive manufacturer has available though.

Upgrade the drive. You won't regret it.
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