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Hi all,

Sorry for this long winded topic..

My home is wired "smartly" phone and data points (cat 5), sky tv points (RG6),ect all back to a distribution hub. So nothing is looped, each point is individually back to the hub.

I have the incoming coax from the SKy dish (6 coax in total) and 3 sky boxes.

1 x SKY+ in master bed room

1 x SKY HD in attic room

1 X SKY HD in Living room

Each sky box has 2 coax from the dish ( SKY DISH TO HUB THEN TO EACH BOX)

Then each box from the RF2 out has a coax coming back to the hub

and into a spc4 combiner. Then out of the combiner into a coax distribution

amp and out to a few tvs around the house, and ussing omni links to control the individual boxes.

The point of the above is that in my opinion, the sky boxes are cabled correctly.

So last few weeks ive noticed a few channels missing from ALL sky boxes. Listed below are the channels gone.

Channel 4

Channel 4 +1


E4 + 1

More 4

A few crappy music channels (The Box etc)

As u can see they are all in the "Channel 4" range..

Now heres the thing..

I have a Siemens Gigaset 2.4 GhZ cordless phone, 1 base station and 2 extra handsets.

When i plug out the power of the base station, the channels come back. Plug it back in and the channels go, getting serious pixelation or the "no satelite signal being recieved" message.

The base station was in the kitchen, no where near any of the Sky boxes.

Even if i move the base station, as soon as i plug it in BAM, channels dissapear.

NOW am i going mad or am i missing something simple?? When i wired the house for coax and cat5, each cable was terminated correctly and tested.

Now all of a sudden this is happening.

Sorry for the long winded thread, and thank you in advance for your help..


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