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Skyworth Capacitor Revisited

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My Skyworth was one of the earliest shipped from HiViZone's initial pre-order. My order time was about 1 1/2 minutes after they began accepting orders so I received my player in the very first shipment.

Up until a couple of weeks ago my unit has operated glitch free with the original capacitor. Suddenly the usual loading problems appeared and I would sometimes have to open/close the drawer up to 10 times to get a disc to load. Once the first disc loaded, changing discs were not a problem as long as I did not power down.

Last week I tried unplugging the blue lights and karoke board to see if it would help. It did not. This weekend I replaced the capacitor, following the directions and pictures posted here, and I am back to normal.

I only bring this up again because my player may have been the first to fail so long into its life. It seems most have failed very quickly or continue to work without a problem. I would consider my hours logged to be a bit above normal, probably averaging 2-3 movies a week since getting the unit back in late May. (At least I think that is above normal, even for this board.) I thought I was in the clear since everything was working fine up until just a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I was wrong.

One other observation, there appeared to be some brown spots on the underside of the board near the capacitor, almost as if something had been burning. Anyone else see this?

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to solving the problem. In particular, the pictures that were posted by Frode were invaluable and made the work easy, even for someone who has never done anything like this before. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
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the symptoms you describe are CASEBOOK for the capacitor bug.

sounds like the replacement was easy for ya' (i got cut opening the case :( )

the burn marks are consistent with bad polarity insertion of that cap.

scorch marks on PCBs generally indicate overvoltage or overcurrent.

p.s. I also like to thank this board for helping out with the Cap. problem.

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I also received my Skyworth from the first batch. The Same problems appeared three weeks ago and were also fixed by replacing the capacitor. The only problem (from the very beginning) I had before the "Disc won't load" -sympton was that the Matrix would always freeze at 1:23:57. This glitch was also cured by the new cap.
hmm..2-3 movies a week for four months. Average 2 hours per movie and you get about 70-100 hours. Sounds about right. I think that's what I had logged before it went gaga on me. The first couple of weeks went by with me really testing the de-interlacing capability, and watching a couple of movies a day really. In addition I forgot to turn it off using the main power button, and so that put an extra load on the cap.

Oh btw - the burn marks you're seeing is probably from the heat of the old capacitor. Nothing to worry about now seeing as you've already replaced it. It is something to think about for other people though as I don't think the idea of their DVD player taking fire is something anyone wants to think about.

Glad the pictures helped :)
Here's a query that I sent to HiViZone concerning the cap and other issues:

> I was also wondering if you know anything about a new Skyworth player that

> can output 1080i/720p. It was reported in the AVSForum at

> http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/003784.html


> See the post by Mark Fontana:

> "Well, I wrote to NingHou (at Skyworth -- ) and got

> a response much sooner than I expected. He told me Skyworth will

> release an updated 1050P firmware in August that will correct some DVD

> navigation issues and the chroma delay problem. Also, he said Skyworth

> will be introducing a new player in September that can output 1080i and

> 720p!"


> Any information that you can provide concerning this new batch and any

> future Skyworth model would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the reply I received from HiViZone:

The firmware is not upgraded for the new stock. The capacitor has been

improved since the batch of stock in August.

There is no news about the new Skyworth which can output 720P.
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