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Hi guys, I'm back.

I've been enjoying my theater long enough, time to build the kids play room!

The room I'm building is approximately 16' wide by 30' long (plus an additional 6x4 area at the foot of the stairs).

To dri-core it (like I did the theater), I'm looking at close to $900 in panels. Ouch. So, I ran the numbers, and with 1/2" OSB, 2x4s at 16" OC spacing, and 6 mil polyetheline sheeting, I'm only out $317.

The only concern I have is giving up 2" of height compared to the 7/8" of the drycore. The firring strip will actually end up being very close to the height of the dricore in the adjoining room, and will end up $50 cheaper.

So, the point of my question is, will firring strips on their side, at 16" OC, provide sufficient support for a floor? I'm putting laminate flooring on top of it, if that helps.

Any thoughts? Anyone here done a sleeper subfloor with firring strips rather than pressure treated 2x4's? (I haven't had any water penetration or moisture issues in the 2 years I've lived here).
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