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I had been in the market for a 2.0 setup in my vacation apartment. The speakers had to have high WAF and to match the space and decor had to be medium size. After I got B&W 802d2 for our main home my wife was serious about the size of the speakers.

I wanted great bass to listen to dance/electronic/rock music.

I didn't want a sub because the space was limited and didn't want cabling or setup challenges.

First tried the PMC twenty series. Huge disappointment. The bass was very slow and not suited for my type of music. The speakers were beautiful and the highs were good. But they could only handle organ type of bass. The ATL design IMHO can replace real drivers.

Tried two other speakers. Sonus Faber venere 3.0 and golden ear triton tower 2. Both were ruled out has too big and ugly but the sound was ver good. Especially the triton 2.

Also tried B&W cm9 and paradigm studio 60. Good looking but sound was just not up to what I was looking for. And hardly any bass.

Finally stumbled on a German brand that I wasn't familiar with. Audio Physic Tempo 25. The speakers were stunning as was the sound. The highs were sublime. The bass was there and tight and gobs of it. The imaging was amazing.

Couldn't believe the sound that was coming out of them.

Have had them for 3 months now. Simply amazing.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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