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G/f wants new speakers since she got a new plasma TV recently, but being a woman, looks are of course more important than sound. While I realize she may not get top of the line sound, the fact is, maybe she just doesn't need it. As long as it sounds half-decent, I guess I could tolerate it.

So, what would you recommend in this price range (up to $500 total for 2)? The towers should be slim, so either 4" drivers or maybe 5", but in that case the cabinets shouldn't be much wider than 5". Finish: black or silver.

She likes the looks of these JBL CST55:

I haven't heard them, but I guess being JBL, it can't be all that bad. Anyone had a chance to audition them?

Any other recommendations?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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