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I managed to get a Samsung SlimFit 419 CRT recently, the exact UK version of the 3082, and have spent the last week carefully calibrating various settings, including geometry, sharpness, focus, and overscan. However during my time sorting out the overscan on all of the resolutions, getting them all to be of equal size, I have noticed that it is not possible to have 0% overscan on my particular TV. Instead the picture seems to have been digitally removed at 2.5% overscan, so that when you underscan you see a black boarder instead of where the other 2.5% picture should be. I imagine this was done due to the bad discolouration that appears in certain corners outside the 2.5% of the picture.

Any idea on why this is or how to restore the lost picture?

The reason I ask, is that my SlimFit is softer than my friends one, even after we adjusted the focus on both sets to their optimum settings. Could it be that the picture is stretched even more due to being digitally removed, in which case could getting back the picture sort this out?

Any help would be really apreciated.

(I have posted This in both UK and US AV Forums, just in case anyone was wondering.)
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