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Came here looking for information on Slingbox and Slingcatchers.

A vendor is proposing to install Slingboxes and Slingcatchers for an install I'm supervising. A little background:

A client has a large multi-acre farm with lots of buildings. There is no quality broadband or wired TV service within a mile of the property - in other words the local cable company and AT&T both do not offer modern service to the area. They do own a building on a main road that is serviced and it's about a mile away. We're working with a company who will build a microwave point to multipoint network. All the services (broadband and cable TV) would be at the main road building. We'd build out a network to serve 4 different buildings on the farm.

The main reason for doing this is to get high-speed Internet at all the locations. TV is secondary, but still important. Figured we'd put a few DVRs in the main building and extend them with Slingboxes and Slingcatchers. But I'm learning that Slingcatchers aren't made any more. And not seeing a lot of good things said about any of Sling's products these days.

The most important end user (farm owner) is not interested in media players or anything techie. She wants to push a button and watch TV on her TV. So we need a box that hooks to a TV.

Does Sling still work well enough for this application? What other choices are out there?

Thanks in advance!
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