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Slingbox, Replay, DVArchive

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Hey all,

I have done some searching around this forum and the Slingbox forum and before I take the leap, wanted to hear from the Replay Gods to make sure I understand it.

1. If I plug 1 replay into the slingbox I will have full access to the shows on all of my Replays (6 total throughout the house).

2. If I plug the Slingbox into my computer (or the other way around I guess!) and have DVARchive running, I can acheive the same thing, have full access to all of my shows on any replay?

If both are true, is one solution better then the other?

Thanks in advance!
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Hmmmm. Well, consider that Sling is like a body in the house sitting there watching the device.

Do you mind a body sitting there watching one of your Replays directly? Remember, the other bodies in the house also have to watch whatever Sling is watching.

If you don't want to force that, then have Sling be a body watching DVArchive. Then the body is watching your PC.

But if you have DVArchive running on a PC, AND if you have its web server turned on, AND if you have set up a method to access that PC (easy to do), then you don't need Sling at all. You just connect to the DVArchive web server directly, from any web browser in the world, and voila. Watch your shows that way.

No Sling involved.

I just saved you a couple hundred dollars. Donations are welcome.
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To answer your first question: Yes, you will have access to recorded shows on any of your networked Replays (through the Replay Guide menu on the Replay connected to the Slingbox). I have not connected my Slingbox Classic to my PC, but if the PC is on, connected to your network, and running DVArchive, the Replay shows stored on the PC will also be available to the Replay/Slingbox via the Replay Guide.
I'm curious how you plan on 'plugging the slingbox into the pc', and what you would expect to be able to do once you did that.

[and assuming you get past that, why not just access DVA remotely in the first place -- no slingbox necessary???]
You can watch and control any networked Replay via slingbox, and your DV archive stored shows will appear as an additional networked replay (named as the name of your PC). It would be best to dedicate a replay for the slingbox.
Bear in mind that the picture quality of a show being remotely "slung" is directly dependent on your available upstream bandwidth. If you have something like Verizon's FiOS, it will look great. If you only have a measly 384 Kbps DLS connection, don't even bother. In the latter scenario, a Slingbox would really only be useful for remote scheduling or watching shows on a networked PC.
When traveling in Asia last year, the Slingbox was my only way to watch TV. Picture quality may not be great, but it is better than watching in a foreign language. Also, it is great for the kids shows. Cartoons compress well.

At 384k it looks around youtube quality.

When I'm travelling PQ is really not as important to me as access. As long as it is watchable I'm fine.
I'm not sure what good hooking the Slingbox to your PC would do, unless you could somehow control that PC via infrared. Not sure that the Slingbox would have the IR codes necessary to do that even if you did have a PC capable of being controlled by IR.

I've got a Slingbox set up on my system and through it you can access the cable, ReplayTV or Satellite DVR. My daughters use it to watch their shows from college. As noted in other posts, the picture quality is not great, but it's acceptable (to most people) for what you are able to do.

Since my wife and I watch most of our shows through the satellite DVR, the Replay is available to the kids most of the time so we don't run into conflicts very often.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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