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Slow DD Capture

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This is specifically about the Onkyo TX-SR705, however I am hoping someone might be able to help better understand and explain the problem so when I bring it to Onkyo's attention I can explain it. Also the problem may be larger than just the 705.

The problem I am having is when using my DirecTV HR10-250 TiVo there is usually a 1-10 second delay for sound to come out after video starts. This happens when a channel changes, starting a pre-recorded show or when using 30-sec skip. It appears the 705 is having problems capturing the DD signal and starting to output it. I am using HDMI from the HR10 to 705, however I have tested optical and the same thing happens. This did not happen with my previous Onkyo TX-SR797 so I don't think it is a problem with the HR10.

The other strange thing is it is far from consistent the length of time it takes for sound. I am wondeing if DD encoding is similar to MPEG video where there are key frames and the 705 is waiting for a keyframe before it starts sound. It is obvious the 705 is searching for signal since the display flashes HDMI and then the DD signal lights up again.

I have tried configuring the 705 with a default sound mode for DD so it doesn't auto detect but that didn't seem to have any effect.

Is the 705 unique with this problem? Can someone better explain what is happening? Any solutions / work arounds? Thanks for any help.
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I swear I heard of someone else having this sort of problem. It might be worth doing some googling.
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