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I am looking for a small (20" - 24") widescreen LCD tv to replace the ancient sony that we currently have in the bedroom. I have the Dish Network and currently run a 5-series DVR in the bedroom and a 622 HD DVR in the living room.

So what ever TV I get for the bedroom will start with a S-video cable until I change out the receiver for an HD DVR. With that small of a screen, 720p should be fine ( I have a Sony 720p in the front room and LOVE it!)

This tv that I looking for is for the bedroom, will not have an av receiver hooked up, (ie. it needs speakers) and I do want it to have at least two HDMI inputs.

The reason that I started looking is that I noticed my old widescreen Dell monitor for my office has S-video, DVI (not HDMI) and component hookups.

Originally I figured I would get an updated version of the Dell monitor for my bedroom since I don't need a tuner because I use the Dish Network STB, until I realized my work monitor does not have speakers!

Thanks for any suggestions. Eric.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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