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Hey guys, I've been doing some research regarding a screen for my little office LED pj setup. It's around 63" or so, 16:9 aspect to mate with my little Optoma PT100 (50 lumens) that has a 16:9 native aspect ratio. It's a small space because it's in my office and fits between the space between my computer desk (above the monitor) and a long shelf that runs horizontally near the top of the ceiling.

So far the only place I've seen that carries small screens anywhere near my size is Da-lite and I'm pretty much restricted to buying the screen material and building my own.

Right now I'm in a slow work situation so I can't swing what Da-Lite wants for their material so I was trying to see what other companies might sell screen material or smaller fixed 16:9 screens on a small budget. This is obviously a luxury item so I'm just trying to see what my options are until work improves. Obviously, a High Power screen/material bests suits my toy pj but I'm open to suggestions as well.

Screen dimensions are right at 32/33"H x 57-58"W. My current 'screen' for the last 2 years is a white satin painted piece of pink hard foamboard from Home Depot which has a gain of what, 0.5 lol? I may try some of the various screen paint concoctions but would prefer a HP screen if possible sometime down the road.

I'm continuing my research but thanks guys for any info you might have!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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