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I've attached a pdf of the media/ht room I'm planning for a small, square bedroom.

I know this is going to present me acoustical challenges over anything else. W/ the basic dimensions being square, am I right in guessing that bass absorbtion will be the biggest issue? What about minimizing hi-frequency reflection?

I will be using an AV123 5.1 set-up: 2 pr xls (front & surrounds), xcs & most likely x-sub - don't figure I need much bigger sub (around 1100 cu ft if my math is correct - only 8' ceiling)

I won't be able to do any in wall wiring - if you can tell, 1 electrical outlet & cable outlet along entrance wall, 2 electrical outlets along seating wall. This set-up is going to allow the easiest way for me to hide wiring. Just to the surrounds & planned front PJ.....it's gonna be a small screen, but 60-70" is much bigger than I'm used to.

I plan on putting heavy drapes on window- more for sound absorbtion than lighting issues (already good control over lighting). What about the shutter style bifolds? Do I need to replace these? Bass traps? Absorbtion panels along the back wall??? I know w/out any graphs or measurements, nothing will be exact, but I figure you guys could give me a good idea of what to expect.

Any suggestions helpful - but remember, I'm more concerned w/ acoustics - I've got the video end under control...

(In saying that, I may reverse room & have eqpt "behind" seating - this may actually mean less wiring to hide - just to the front speakers - and the entrance would be at the rear to an extent....)


media room plan.pdf 100.337890625k . file


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