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I'm mounting my 32" LCD above my fireplace (which is never used anyway, so no worries about smoke). I'm running the cables through the wall. My friend is an AV installer, so I might have him do it for me to get it done right.

The speakers on the TV are removable to make a very discrete installation.

I want to install in-wall speakers, but since I'm in a condo, they can't produce a lot of bass. I figure, by being in the walls, that bass will travel much more than a traditional speaker to my neighbors (who are cool, but I don't want to piss them off).

My top choice so far is the Gallo Nucleus Micro, mounted on the wall with their ceiling mount (which is circular). It's a small, full range driver that I doubt will produce much bass, it's very small and can be painted over, and it's gotten really great reviews for its sound.

Anyone have any other suggestions or comments?
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