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I noticed one user in this forum using a PSOne 5" LCD display mounted in the front of his HTPC case which is great as it means I don't need to fire up my CRT projector to do basic stuff like select music tracks to play (My HTPC is also a music server for digital audio).

You can see Warren's setup in the link below


Being the perfectionist I am, I thought it would make for better picture quality using a RGB feed from the second VGA output from the Radeon 9700pro rather than using the composite breakout cable Warren is using.

This is where I've got a bit stuck.

The following link shows a physical RGB connection into the PSone screen


So it seems to me that by taking the Red, Green, Blue, HSYNC/CSYNC and Ground lines fromthe VGA second connection that a RGB signal could be passed through to the screen.

This doesn't work :-(

Maybe one of you technical types could offer some info where I am going wrong? I **THINK** it may have to do with scan rates for the screen, but I should be able to control these via Powerstrip and UltraMon right?

Maybe the issue is that I have to use a DVI->VGA adapter on the second Radeon port? I can't use the first port as it has a Mike Parker mod which disables the RGB output connections even though sync still functions.

For completeness, I've attached the PSOne video connection details

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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