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Small List for sale (and buying Marvel/Disney)

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I'm happy to bundle movies together if you're looking to shave a few bucks off here or there. If you have any questions regarding connecting your Google Play account to Movies Anywhere (so that you can watch on Vudu, iTunes, Fandango, etc.), let me know - all of these movies port across all platforms. (Batman does not, since it's not a movie.)

For sale:
Wreck It Ralph 4K (MA split, with DMI points) $10

Finding Dory (Google Play split HD, ports to VUDU/iTunes/Fandango) -- $5
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (Google Play split HD, ports to VUDU/iTunes/Fandango) -- $5


I don't have a great idea of what prices should be, but I'm looking to buy as many Marvel/Disney movies as I can to fill out a collection (and maybe my brother's). Feel free to pm me what you have for sale.
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Bump with updated movies and prices.
Great seller

Responsive seller. Code redeemed successfully. Would do business again.
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Great seller, responded quickly.
Bump with additions.

Also, I'm looking for Spiderman Far From Home, Yesterday, Dr. Strange, Ant Man and Brave.
Bump. Certainly happy to negotiate prices if you're interested in something.
Bump, with titles I'm looking to buy.
I have knives out Digital. PM me please
Bump to add Rise of Skywalker
Bump to add Wreck It Ralph 4K
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