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Small media room

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I’ve just finalized a contract for a new home purchase. Bad news is no playroom etc large enough for a HT. I’ll miss my current one. I’m planning to use a fourth bedroom..11’6” by 11’6”..with hardwood floors. Know I’ll add some time of rug. Nice size closet for equipment. Not much space to work with...so first thoughts are a wall mounted 55-60 HGTV..with in wall speakers to maximize the space use. Perhaps a multi room AV receiver to use also driving speakers in other rooms. Will use primarily for movies...
Budget is little flexible..$2-3k. Thoughts on my initial plan? Recommendations for equipment & speakers?

Newbie..thanks in advance for the help.
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I have a small room setup with projector and love it. 110” 16:9 screen size max for IMAX, seating eyes to screen 8’. Single row of 4 seats.

I would say in a room that size the movie experience is very possible. Nice thing when you keep screen size down I a small light controlled space the greater brightness is a big plus with 4k HDR.
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