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I have a room in my basement that I wish to turn into a dedicated 4 seat theater (2 rows of 2).

I was considering a 75" DLP rear projection TV. OK, let me first say that I was planning on a projector. My room is going to be 11'-8" wide by 16'-4" long. I had planned on a 7'-0" ceiling, but now I am feeling that I will need to go "full height" of the basement (7'-6") in order to have the headroom needed for a 10-3/4" riser. I plan on recliner seats which require 72" of room, so I am planning on having a "screen to eye" length of 6'-8" at the front seating position and 12'-8" at the rear seating position.

I am looking at a 16:9 screen size that is 36" high by 64" wide (73" diagonal).

To keep costs low, I am looking again thinking projector...an Epson PowerLite 8350. the room is a totally dark basement where I can and will control all lighting. My thought is that I will have minimal rear lighting for movement purposes and recessed LED spot lamps directed straight down over the seating area. I am hoping to keep all ambient and reflected light off of the screen area. I am planning on mounting the projector on the ceiling right behind the front seats, about 7'-4" from the screen.

I want a screen that pops. I bought MMs recommended sprayer from GleemPaint.com. For a bright, contrasty and colorful screen, which paint mix and what substrate would you recommend? Does drywall work, or would something else be better?

On another note, how close to the ceiling can the projector be mounted and how high would you recommend the top of the screen be, especially given the viewing angles of the closest seats?

Also, are there any things you would change with my setup?


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Gotta get some Rack time.....but yes. By using a 8350 hitting a 73" diagonal Silver Fire 4.0 Screen (Sintra Substrate) from a Throw Distance of 7' 6" (...you want at least 4" leeway) your image will veritably EXPLODE off the wall and easily rival or really...best any 62" Edge Lit LED/LCD (...you could get by nicely with a 3.0 mix too. Better still....get a Epson 8700 and you get 3x more contrast to utilize. That means SF v2.1 2.0 would be best.

Personally...I like the last option by quire a stretch.

PJ can mount within 6" of the Ceiling if you use the Chief RPA 168 and Peerless Round ceiling Plate

Keep the Screen's "bottom" at 38" off the Floor

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