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Hello guys,
I am looking for a subwoofer project up to 2cu ft internall, for a livingroom (aprox 6x4 meters) in a flat. Sub should be able to play 20hz reasonably loud in room, but should also be as "musicall" as possible. What i was thinking is, that maybe the best approach would be using Linkwitz transform or ESP like http://www.sound.westhost.com/project48.htm Need a little help with choosing the right thing. I am looking for a driver for up to 250eur EU price. What i came up with up until now, is


Grey line is 10" seas l26roy in 2cu ft, 50L bass reflex 22hz, 250w signal (so cone excursion is under xmax), which i find a very good choice for usage i want it for and will go for that if i won't find anything better. Green line is dayton ultimax 15, which i can get for aprox 250e. Dayton has LT set for 35hz and 0,707q, 550w signal (again cone excursion below xmax). As i have very limited knowledge i have few questions:
1- When i am looking at spl curve (within load not exceeding xmax), i am looking at it as a maximum curve and i can get any curve under it with right EQ?
2- In column Amplifier apparent load, dayton has a max at 1200W, is it fine to use it like this on normal movie/music content if the driver haw 800rms 1600peak on paper?
3- If yes, will behringer inuke 1000 or 3000 handle it?
4- My main question is, is the dayton aproach better then seas, ot what better solution i can get in that size/price range ?
5- What other aspects in project i whould look at ? - My knowledge goes up to SPL curve and thats all (i don't know what qtc to preffer so i entered the 0,707)
6- dayton has the possiblility to play from 30hz up even more loud than seas, which i might use on occasional music only content when i take it to barbeque party or something, am i wrong in some way thinking that?
7- i've read something about smaller sub drivers sounding better in smaller room and integrating better with smaller mains, any thoughts to this?
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