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Small set of bookshelfs to complement my HSU ventriloquist and Pioneer 1015 reciever?

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Originally Posted by MrDoug1
Hey guys, new to this forum and just trying to learn and get some good advice. Did some looking and lurking and there is quite alot of info but hard to navigate.

I am a US Army Soldier stationed overseas in Korea and just got a nice bonus, but don't have an unlimited budget. I am looking to get a great deal and an even greater theater setup in this small peice of barracks I call home.

I just bought a brand new KDL-40S2000 Bravia 40" LCD. It is a wonderful display, especially with my PC hooked up to it via DVI-HDMI monster cable. I am working on getting it to display a true 1366x768 picture, but that is another story alltogether.

I purchased at the local PX a Sony 6.1 surround system. It was decent, but not loud enough. It was a 770 watt total system. I ended up trading it for a new XBOX 360, wireless controller, and 4 games. I paid $300 for the surround sound system, so I got the better end of the deal by far. :)

I am looking to get a really kickin' system to complement my TV. I could possibly spend MAX under $1000 for everything, but really want to spend as little as possible and get the greatest sounding system for the money. But I am sure thats what everybody says right before they find out they have to double their budget :p

Anyway, I was about to purchase Onkyo's 7.1 S780 system, all of the CNET reviews seemed good, but then I read here that it was only "OK" by all of the audiophiles that seem to really know their stuff. Also, I doubt I could have it shipped, as the max shipping wieght is only 70 pounds, and the box wieghed over a hundred. All of the posts I read regarding the ONKYO system pretty much recommended component was the way to go to get the best, loudest sound, and that is what I am looking for. Plus, I can have everything shipped individually just fine.

So I guess the component thing is pretty straightforward . Buy a reciever, sub, and speakers. My father has a extremely high quality 15000w all-McIntosh system and I know a little bit about how it all should go together, just am not to familiar with all of the current products out on the market.

What I am looking for, as I stated above, is high quality, low price. I know, as somebody posted before, the saying goes "Buy Cheap, Buy Twice", and this will be my second time buying, so plan to do it right.

With my reciever I hope for AT LEAST 120w per channel, and if possible I would like a dvd/cd disc changer. HDMI video switching would be nice, but not high priority, as I only have one HDMI video plug going to my TV along with one set of components for the XBOX. I could always get a universal remote to switch it for me. THX is not required, and I assume can not be had for my budget. Basically I want just the best deal on a damn good receiever. Would eBay be a good bet, or am I better off with an online site like outpost or somewhere else?

Also, with regards to speakers, please recommend a good set just so I can have a start and know where to head. Keep in mind I have a tiny room, it is literally the size of a BIG walk-in closet. I still want loud as can be, just stating this for reference. Mounting ths speakers on the wall is planned, so size isn't an issue, and I may even consider getting a pair of nice sized bookshelfs, depending on what is recommended. I have a killer shelf setup I put toegether in a void between my bed in the wall, with these great customizable shelves, so speaker placement isn't an issue.

Anyway, like the title says, please kindly help me out with any advice you can give. Head me in the right direction, and before long you'll hear posts from me raving over my new systems that the kind gurus at AVS helped me put together.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, thank you very much.



That quote is from the above thread, and gives you a background of my situation...

I have since purchased the Pioneer KILLER 1015 receiver, plan to purchase a top of the line 7.1 channel sound card and the HSU ventriloquist speaker set, along with SVS 25-31 cylinder sub. I think that will rock me pretty good, but am wondering what you guys would reccommend for an inexpensive but loud and good sound quality pair of bookshelfs. They need not be too big, actually small by typical bookshelf speakers. No bigger than a foot and a half tall by 8 inches wide. Hopefully these will complement the satellites and center channel really well, and make this system completely rock.

What do you guys think?

I really appreciate the advice I hav been given so far, and am ready to get this all shipped over and impress the hell out of all my Sergeants, haha! :-D


- PV2 Witt
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