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Okay guys, I need your help picking out my FIRST subwoofer. I use this system primarily for watching movies, but every once in a while I do listen to music on it.

I have a small living room (about 13 x 15), but it has large openings to other rooms on 2 of the walls. Because of the small room size and lack of significant wall space, subwoofer footprint is pretty critical for me. I know that subwoofer size is an important factor (Physics being what it is), but as far as I can tell, my choices are a small subwoofer or NO subwoofer...

That being said, money is also an issue (I'd like to spend under 1K here).

Here are the models I know of that I am considering:

SVS SB12-Plus, Definitive Technology Supercube II, HSU VTF-1. I think Velodyne has some in the size ballpark, but they are rather expensive.

are there any other subs I should consider? I saw that SVS also has cylinder speakers (like the 20-39 PC-Plus) that only have a 16"x16" footprint - but I'm not sure I like the 40" height as it would be rather obvious in the location i'm going to need to place it.

The Def. Tech Supercube would match the rest of my system well (They are all Def. Tech speakers - the fronts are BP-20's which I've had for about 10 years now).

Is the SVS SB12 is my best bet? How does it compare against the other subs listed? Am I going to be disappointed with ANY sub I get in this size range? I listen to the system loud (maybe 55-75 on my Onky SR-705), but not at ear-splitting volumes...

I'd like to move on this quickly - the urge to spend money is irresistable! :)

Thanks for your help here!

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