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Small vs Large test results

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I have been running different test to determine the best settings for my speakers and I thought I would share the results. Best performance was with fronts at large and all others at small.


Pio 1014tx

Klipsch KG-5.2 front

Klipsch SC-1 center

Acoustech HT-63 side surrounds

Klipsch KSB-2.1 back surrounds

JBL E250P Sub

Room 14x20x8 with openings to kitchen and hallway

MCACC sets all speakers to large except the center. I used the flyover in the beginning of SWII (feel it bass) and could detect no difference in small or large settings for speakers. I then used FN "Darla" scene (intense 31hz) and in this case having my front speakers set to large added the "ring" to the tap on the glass. Large on the rest of the speakers showed no improvement. Clearly an improvement in this example for using large for my KG-5.2's, which have 10" active and 12" passive woofers. I should also add that I could detect no loss in dynamic response when setting all speakers to large as the general consensus would indicate. It's possible the my speakers are efficient enough that I never tax the receiver beyond it's abilities.

I suspect there are a lot of variables here that are determined by individual equipment and room size. I am curious if a better sub would produce the missing sound or if it is in the bass management in the receiver. Whatever the case it certainly takes a lot of fiddling to get a system set up correctly. I am curious what others have found.
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You have to take crossover frequency into account. Sounds like yours is set too high when the mains are Small.
Good point DMF. I should have noted I am using 80hz crossover. The only lower setting on the 1014 is 50hz, which is lower than the rest of my speakers which are at 55 and 60. Earlier tests I ran indicated sound degradation below 80 but I should check again.
I have a 1014 with Athena AS-F2s set to "large". I tried changing to "small"

and adusting the crossover, but "large" with a crossover at "80" sounded the best to my ears. It would have been nice to have some more setpoints between 50 and 80 for the crossover, but no big deal.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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