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Well.. I figured I would post this to give people who are looking to do a small home theater in a home a heads up in can be done well. (Besides, what fun is spending 2 years remodeling a room without showing it off!)

My situation is that I have a LONG hallway of a room in the basement.. it's approx 40 x 10.5 feet. (7-foot ceilings BTW) However, I have my room divided into two sections.. the far end is a home office the near side (to the stairs) in the home theater. The home theater is approx 20 feet wide.. The projector and home theater equipment is (currently) mounted behind the wall in laundry room.

So basically it CAN be done, and it can look good....

Front - 2 Boston VR965's (integrated sub-woofer), 1 center channel VRi553 (in wall behind the screen)

In the VRi553 I have added an IR sensor to control everything in the other room.

For the screen I have a gray bed sheet. I am actually surprised at home well it looks. I'm actually considering mounting some wood to the wall for a frame and stretching the sheet tight. (also the IR DOES go through the screen!)

Back - Two RCA (Radio Shack) Di-pole Linaeum speakers. (between them is an ugly 50's couch.. the new couch will be here in about 3 months.. :) )


Sony VPL-HS10.. Lens is approx 11 feet from the screen. (Image is approx 75 inches wide)

AV Receiver/AMP - Pioneer VSX-49TXi

DVD/LD Player - DVL-919

So for the pictures:

Front Image
Rear Image

(BTW the cabinets on both sides of the screen are not for home theater equipment.. but for water and gas meters.)

Now.. my room of course isn't done.. but in the rear I have the idea that I may actually cut into the back wall and build a deep bookshelf.. that would let me mount the projector on the shelf as well as the rear surround speakers. Does this sound like a good idea (based on the description and pictures) or am I going to have problems with this?



(Edited.. forgot to mention the room only has 7-foot ceilings..)
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