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Snap Crackle - Sparks

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I know crts (direct view & pjs) can crackle and pop when switched off thanks to static, etc, ... but ...

Until recently, I had never had "the hood up" when switching off the pj in the dark....

So, is it "normal" to get plenty of static/sparks flying about around certain parts of the tubes when you switch off??? (Sorry about vagueness - I wasn't paying too much attention in the dark to exactly where they were - I was more surprised by the "light show" - possibly/probably at the tube face.)

Have I got a crazed demon pj, or is this pretty standard?!
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I would say if you hear no snapping when the set is on, then yes, it's normal, you're hearing and seeing static and HV discharge. Loud snapping while the set is on is bad news!

Thanks Curt! I can sleep a little easier!

Yes - its just when I switch off. I'm used to the crackling when I shut it down, and thought its just the usual static dissipation, but ... woof ... when you actually see the flickering for the first time in the dark it even beats the movie you were watching! (Whats the little dude with the arc welder doing in there - my tubes are fine thanks!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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