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I have been using powerstrip to create my custom resolution. It has been working fine, since I used letterbox and did the "resolution in a resolution" feature. I have been using VGA since my laptop only has that.

I wanted to experiment if I could get 2560x1080 to work. I got the driver to send it as 2560x1080, and it does appear correct with the Anamorphic lens in place, but the signal reads from the projector as 1680x1080, and text does not appear as detailed as 1920x810. Vertical detail does look fine though.

I have tried a game session of both Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Source on 2560x1080, both of which I frequently use as benchmarks. Obviously I had to crank the game settings to low to get them to be playable. Detail is still beneficial with the higher resolution signal however, even if the projector is a lower horizontal resolution. I planning on making a gaming rig, which the added resolution will be beneficial.

My main question is what would work to get the resolution of 2560x1080 to be sent as 1920x1080 rather than 1680x1080. I tried to tweak the pixel clock, but that did nothing.

I used this post in the 2.35:1 CIH forum, which I was redirected here for a more detailed response. I am intending this more for video gaming rather than for movies. I wanted to figure out how to send the source (2560x1080) to send as a different signal (1920x1080) to the projector. I want to get rid of the compromise of vertical resolution that the scaled 1920x810 I'm used to.
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