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Snell and Amp matching

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I have a Snell E/IV mains and Snell cc-1 Center.

I'm looking in setting up a home theater the above equiptmentso am wondering what rear speakers might match these tonally.

I am also wanting to buy a preamp/amp or receiver too. Any suggestions on what amps might work well with these speakers.


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I currently own Snell E-IVs. I'm using them with a CR.5 for center and SR.5 for surrounds. It's a pretty decent tonal match, especially if you specify all speakers as "small" (in my system, in my room, IMHO, YMMV :). For lower frequencies, I use a separate sub (Velodyne FSR-12), and this has worked well.

I used to drive these with a Denon AVR-3300 receiver, so I'm guessing (just a guess) that the current Denon 38xx receiver would perhaps be a good match.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Thanks Bill. I will definitly follow up on that. -tim
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