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The Snell K7 bookshelf:

I am going to my local dealer tomorrow to pick up a pair

and take home to audition. Has any one heard these and

what do you think about them. They do retail for around

$1200 - I will settle for around $750. I have heard them

at the store and will drive them at home, with a Marantz

SR6003 receiver. I sense that they will be neutral and full

of detail with a deep soundage.

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To those who may be interested - I brought the K7 home for

a test drive. It is sad that the Snell company has been put to

rest. The K7 is a serious speaker and plays at and above the

$1200 price range. However, I will be a man of my word and

only pay $750 for them.

The words alive, natural and presence, come to mind when

I listen to music. They throw a deep, wide, rich and dimensional

sound stage. Voices have a good tonal character and sound

realistic. The imaging is spot on. Instruments sound the way

that they should - the ones that should vibrate - do vibrate.

From an old school point of view - I want to hear the rhythm,

harmony and melody. The expansive sound stage draws you in.

Some music tested;

Eagles - Hotel California

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall

Queen Latifah - I Put a Spell on You

Joan Osbourne - War

Why Can't We Live Together

Katherine McPhee - Somewhere

Chris Botti - No Ordinary Love

The Look of Love

Willy Nelson, Wynton Marsalis

And Norah Jones - Hit the Road Jack

The speakers have a lively sound with no hardness or edge. The

bass is tight and articulate with no port chuffing. There is plenty

of detail, definition and depth. I feel like that, I am almost at the

concert and I am being drawn in. The texture, layers and unfolding

of instruments are real good. I feel like the singers are singing at

me and not away from me. Compared to the NHT Classic Two, the

K7 has a more expansive sound stage with more detail, depth and

definition. They have more resolution in general and voices have a

better tonal quality - instruments are more natural sounding. However,

this is not a knock on the NHT. The NHT plays well above its price

and will still stay with me. With the NHT, I walked inside the forrest,

and with the Snell - I am in the middle of the forrest. Now I need to

play some movies.

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One more round for the home theater part - then back to normal

daily stuff. Since I have never met Mr. Claus - I wanted some new

speakers for Christmas and entertainment. This is in the realm for

the average family home theater and for moderate playing levels.

The speakers can and will get loud. The open, detailed, deep, rich

and dimensional sound stage continues. They do not distort and do

not compress and have the potential for 105 db. To try to see, if I

could shake them - I did 3.0 for the fun of it. I also went against the

grain, since I do not have the Snell center yet. I used the Boston VS

240 for the center - close as in horse shoes, but no ringer. The movies

that I looked at were:

Star Trek (the latest one)


Fifth Element

Iron Man 2

In a medium size room they do good. The Romulan ship in Star Trek

flying, was realistic and the satellite ships flying around the space

dock - had a wrap around effect. The Destruction of Vulcan was also

good - it gets my attention. The stress test in Knowing - where the

air plane and subway crashes - was strong an dynamic, and their was

no distortion and burping with the woofers. It gets louder than I care

to listen. When the Fifth Element woman escapes from the lab - to

the outside going traffic; the high, wide, and deep sounds, did expand

and draw me in. This is good for those who may be limited to 3.1 for

now. The strong Iron Man 2 movie - had good bass in the region that

the speakers are capable of - The woofer rolls off cleanly. The scene at

the race track where he meets the enemy was realistic. The bass was

strong during the movie. They do need a subwoofer and good surround

speakers will make it better. This is just a sharing experience and no

sales pitch. They are hard to find - if the chance arises to hear them -

then at least give them a listen.
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