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I just purchased a Snell THX-1800 used from Kipnis studios. (At time of writing i believe he has two left to sell, they're listed on ebay if anyone is interested) I couldnt find much information about them online so i decided i would offer a testimonial for the sub. It is REALLY fantastic (I am powering it with a Adcom GFA 555 bridged 600 watts into 8 ohms). I have yet to dial it in for music listening but as far as deep HT bass goes this thing is killer. For $500 i think it would be really hard to beat on the used market. Styling is minimal (i dont think the designers took WAF into account AT ALL) but it's built like a tank at about 120-130 lbs i think. I really could not be happier.

Any other SUB 1800 users out there?

Here are the specs from a 1996 Stereophile review (from what i understand my particular model is the same but manufactured in 2007)

SUB 1800: Reflex-loaded (fourth-order) subwoofer with 18" cast-frame driver. Frequency response: 17Hz–80Hz ±2dB anechoic. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 7.5 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m. Amplifier requirements: 90–400W.
Dimensions: 21.5" W by 45" H by 16.5" D. Weight (shipping): 150 lbs each.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 2086/2087.
Price: $2499 each
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