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My HTPC system is a win 7 64 based,

12 GB ram

I use TMT3 for BR playback, occasionally PowerDVD 9.

Drivers, firmware, all up to date.

Nvidia Geforce GTS 240

I normally use ISO images and mount with virtual CD (slysoft).

This problem I am having occurs in one out of 10 movies I play and regardless of the format, standard or Blu Ray.

What happens is that while watching on TV or the monitor, playback gets a bit choppy then the screen starts to throw white pixels all over the screen, the more I do to figure out what is wrong the more snow appears on the screen. then the move will freeze and the screen turns into a colored checkered pattern. At this point all I can do is restart the program and I can go the the movie without a hitch.I have mounted the ISO with Dameon tools and the same happens.

If anyone has had this issue and knows a fix I would appreciate the input and information.

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