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I helped a sound engineer friend upgrade the mid drivers in some 3-way cabinets and he gave me the 2 month old Eminence Delta-10s we removed. I was pondering what to do with these 3 drivers and an econo-wave system popped into my head. Any thoughts on low-budget projects I could do with a couple of Eminence Delta 10a's ? Mate them with a D220 compression driver maybe? Which horn should I be looking for? Any particular econo-wave style I should be following or cross-over I should copy? I assume the cross-overs would need to include some type of resistance on the horn to match driver sensitivity or should I just use some type of L-Pad? Maybe pick up another Delta-10 and build a MTM system?? Aesthetically it would look cool to have two 10" drivers flanking a 10" round wave-guide.
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