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So far have Definitive Mythos Ones and need help choosing other parts of home theater

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Hi Everybody,

I am a newbie and I hope this is the right place to post this question. I currently have a pair of the Definitive Mythos Ones and that is all. I wanted to know what you guys would recommend in terms of getting a receiver that won't cost me an arm and a leg. I am looking primarily to use it as a home theater. I know some people are recommending the Onkyo TX-NR905, but that is a little steep for my current budget. Cheapest I can find it is on ebay for 1399 shipped. My budget is in the 700-800 max range. I am really getting some information overload by trying to search through all the threads. Please help.

Current setup:

Front: Definitive Mythos Ones x 2

Rear: None

Center: None...was thinking Mythos Three

Sub: None

Receiver: None

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Here is the list of receivers that fits your budget & has lots of discussion on the forum, which should help you narrow down to the right choice..

Onkyo TX-SR805, Denon AVR-2808CI, Yamaha RX-V1800, Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH

As far as speakers, since you already have the Mythos Ones, why don't you go w/ Def Tech for the rest of the setup? (except for the subwoofer, you can do better w/ same budget)

For subwoofer, it all depend on your room size and your budget...
thanks for the info just thinking...i will check those receivers out...it seems like the pioneer is getting good press. would you recommend a eD a2-300 for the sub or something by velodyne? thanks again
shekhat, what's your room dimension?

eD a2-300 is a good sub, assuming you don't have room that's larger than 2,500 cubic ft. or w/ large opening into other part of the house..

other subs to consider..Hsu VTF2 MK3, Hsu VTF3 MK2, Outlaw LFM-1 Plus..

If you don't mind used gear and you can wait a bit, you can monitor the listings at audiogon, w/ luck, you can actually get better gear at great price..
hey justhinking, room is a little less than 1800 square feet. Room size is probably

15 x 20 with really tall ceilings...about 20-30 feet. Thanks again...will rep
shekhat, you have a quite large room...you are looking at about 6,000 cubic ft. of space to fill...

For a room w/ tall ceilings, I don't think a2-300 will be able to get the job done...
yikes you are right...definitely didn't factor in the ceilings. Hmmm....does this mean that I will have to spend a lot to get a decent sub for the space.
A little update:

Front: Myhtos One

Center: Mythos 3

Rear: None

Sub: None

Receiver: Onkyo sr805

Any recommendations for the rear and sub?
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OP - just curious as to why the Mythos one VS their super tower. I'm asking since I'd like to pick up some def techs at some point.
Hey ymarker, I really don't know the answer to that. Of course the ST would be a much better choice for front speakers but at this point, since I am a newbie, I think that the Mythos Ones were a great choice for an initial speaker purchase. In many of the threads I have read people have started off the same way. The Mythos Ones are a superb speaker and if you decide to upgrade to the ST's in the future you can put these Ones as your rear set. I have seen many people set up there system as such. Hope that answers your question. Plus I got the Ones for $850. There is a seller on ebay selling it for 1099 and I used the Microsoft Live.com cash back trick to get 35% off up to $250 dollars.
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