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Onkyo 504

Comcast HDTV STB (not DVR)

Hitachi 51F59 (1 HDMI input)

(2) Pair POLK R150's

And yet unnamed DVD Player. (non HD)

With the 504 it has HDMI, but only a passthru for video correct? so I'd need to run an optical cable as well.

I was thinking of going all component for right now, as I have a TON of other things to do to the new house.

So I want to go ahead and order cables online.

Making sure I've got it right in my head (hectic last month or so with the new house, add on's etc etc)...

Cable source (COAX) to Comcast STB.

Component cables (what type specifically?) from STB to Receiver.

Component cables (type?) from DVD player to Receiver

Component cables from Receiver to TV.

I want to use the TV's speakers as the center channel for now. What cables for that? (I'm assuming from center out on receiver to TV center in?)

Then speaker cable (any recommendations since I'm ordering component cables as well?) from receiver to both pair of Polk Speakers.

If I decided to use the HDMI, how would I incorporate the STB, Receiver, and DVD player? (Switcher?)

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance
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