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I'm planning the AV gear for my company's new corporate conference room. This will be the second one I've done, and I wanted to do something cool for the new space.

I've been lurking various forums, trade sites, Googling etc. trying to find out if my idea is currently possible. I'll put it to the masses: I'd like to have a touch screen UMPC or tablet with Win7 that connects to my office network via 802.11n and use Girder/NetRemote to control the various components over IP or rs-232 with a Global Cache GC-100. I'm thinking I could use the newly enhanced RDP features of Win7 to control the Win7 HTPC.

I envision the UMPC with an RDP window that starts at one corner, but does not fully extend across the small screen. This would leave an "L" shape, into which I could put NetRemote buttons. I don't even know if NetRemote can work in such a way as to have a simultaneous RDP window, but this is my idea without more to go on.

Most of the UMPC's out there, seemingly even newer ones, sound as if they are underpowered and not up to the task. I've read the Archos9 display stutters pretty badly when showing video. This is just for control, not viewing so much, but I don't want a bad user experience. I haven't found an N-spec one yet, but maybe that's not entirely necessary anyway.

Has anyone tried something like this or heard of it working? I'm open to all suggestions, including "the tech's not there yet", but I'd really like to make this happen if possible. I'm hoping one of you may know of a niche product that I can't find with my current search strings.
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