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I've asked a lot of questions lately but really need some help..

I have a creative xfi titanium sound card that I bought that I do not know if I want to keep.

I just ordered some ad700s...

This is all going to be used for my computer. I have a yamaha yht393bl that I'll use with the ad700's with my xbox/ps3.

Right now I have speakers hooked up through a tube amp to my computer.

I want great sound quality for music with the ad700's but also the best positional audio I can get for games.

Should I keep the sound card and just use that with the cms3d?

Should I send it back and get an external amp instead, and if so, what? (mixamp?)

I could use something with my tube amp I have (want the surround though)..

Basically just wondering if I should keep this sound card or if there are better options.
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