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So now I decide to get one and they're all gone!

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After much mind searching and forum asking I decided to head over to BB to get that one unit that has been sitting up on the shelf for weeks. Of course when I got there it was gone.

Got the wants but no box within 300 miles. Tempted to drive to Illinois as I heard they had some there but might just forget about it and watch my HDTV cable box instead.

So why this post, not sure, maybe you know of one in Iowa?
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I'm sure that more places than just BB carry the unit.

I would try Robert at Value Electroincs, he's a fourm member and is getting his 4th allocation of players this Friday..if memory serves. BB did have them instock on their internet site this weekend. I would also check with Sears, they have been available through their website for in store pick up. Up till yesterday, a reliable forum member had an unopended unit for sale in the classifieds for about a $50 fee...which maybe cheaper than driving from Cedar Rapids to the Quad Cities or other parts of Ill. when you look at the over all cost of operating a vehicle. Other authorized on-line stores are one-call, Vann's and AB electronics.......Just some thoughts.

clevelandplasma has them for sell on ebay and their website says in stock for $550 plus $25 to ship.
Try the Sears Stores. Call the ones in Des Moines, they told me that they were going to get some a few weeks back in about 2 weeks. There should be two stores, one at the Merle Hay mall and one at Southridge mall.
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