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So we knew CRT's had burn issues... LCD's too??

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I was screwing around on my laptop in the middle of class today, and something caught my eye on the top right of my screen... burn in of the windows close, minimize and resize buttons. I have burn in on an LCD - never really knew that could happen! I guess those LCD twits can't use the "CRT's have burn in!" argument any more can they?
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LCD 'burn' is usually temporary. (I thought I'd ruined a $2000 desktop display a few years ago with a windows login box that was left on all weekend. It went away over the course of the next week [I was sending moving video to the screen, but I'm not sure if that helped or if just time would be enough.])

Don't give up hope yet.

Burn in LCD projectors is not so much a image related burn, but rather a heat related fault. over time the LCD pannel will have indevisual elements react slower or get stuck, and in really old units, you will see a defanate top to bottom change as the hotter pixels on the top of the pannel wear more than the slightly cooler one at the bottom...

I used a 29" LCD-TV for some gaming at a LAN at one time.

The result?

Static burn of the interface of the game (BF1942)

Felt good to toss that away for $600 after buying it for $2900... but I learned my lesson.

LCD-TV's are NOT for gaming! =)

Then again one obvious warning sign should have been that I had to wear sunglasses to be able to watch the screen so closely. =)

Yes it was FUN. No it wasn't worth it in the end. =)

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generally with LCD's its the polariser plate which "burns". This is like a glass filter infront of the panel with a polarizing coating on it, and the coating goes bad. Newer LCD's dont suffer as much. I have seen panels go yellow due to heat issues on long running units. have pics if your really interested.
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