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Hi All,

Again let me post the info on the meet here in Southern CA. I know a few of you are local or visiting and you might want to drop by.

This will be three of the VMPS RM30 speakers, powered by three Son of Ampzilla amplifiers, using a TriNaural Processor and Soundstrings wire and cable throughout on all the connections from the wall plate to the speaker binding posts. Not to mention Dual VMPS LARGER Subwoofers!!!

The members, their guests and the public are all welcome.

Below is the announcement from President Bob Levi

Dear Members,

This Sunday: Fantastic Event for the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society!

On August 21, it's LA's first "Trinaural" Audio Demonstration and Cable Raffle Spectacular!

Produced by our own John Casler, it features 3 flagship VMPS RM30 Loudspeakers set up for maximum sound quality and realism in a trinaural array! [Left,right and center channel] With Outstanding Audiophile Guests including: Jim Bongiorno, CEO of Ampzilla, Jed Hacker, Inventer and Developer of Soundstring Cables, and Brian Cheney, CEO of VMPS. System includes 3 Son of Ampzillas in vertical bi-amp, McCormack UDP, Soundstring Cables, and the Bongiorno designed three channel audio processor. Music will fill the Marquis I Ballroom just for our Society!!!

Amazing Raffle of ALL! the Soundstring Cables and Power Cords in the system!!! Marvelous cable, incredible raffle! Thank you Soundstring!!

Plus a delicious lunch, too!!

It's all this Sunday, August 21, 1-4pm Holiday Inn, Buena Park, at 7000 Beach Blvd at The 91. Guests and New members most welcome! And Come Celebrate Mark Katz's 29th? Birthday!

Great listening to all and see you on August 21st for the most colossal summer event we've ever done,

Bob Levi, President

Go to www.laocaudiosociety.com for calendar of events!

Celebrating our 12th Anniversary Year

America's Premier Audio Society

714-281-5850 for all information

Link: LA & Orange County Audio Society
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