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Soffit for base trap

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I will have a soffit on my right side of the room measuring 3' wide by 17' long by 12" tall. I would like to make it or part of it into a base trap. Could anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish this? Thanks!!
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Check out the other thread in this forum on soffits. Use a ladder type 2x4 frame for the 3' wide area and connect it in the other dimension 12" with osb. Then put on the drywall. Huh, who would of thought that soffits would have brought me out of lurking ;).
Take a look at the pictures in sandmans thread
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Bigmouth. Ill have to get ahold of BPape to get some of that bass absorbing cotton.
If the soffit is filled with insulation, but has 2 layers of drywall covering it, can or will it still function as a bass trap?
Only the front sides of the soffit are drywalled. The bottoms are exposed and just covered in cloth. Some of the absorbtion is faced with a scrim and some is not so much of it is broadband bass only absorbtion.
bpape - I see the material is only 25" wide and 3 1/2" thick. What do you suggest I do with a soofit that is 36" wide by 10" tall by 18' long?
Turn it sideways. Cut the length to 36" and put in a series of 24" wide pieces. The other option is to put in a long 24" piece and rip another piece to half width and make that the other 12"
Does the whole cavity need to be filled? If the material is 3 1/2 " thick. 8 1/2" of the 12" will remain empty. If you could pm me a price to properly make the soffit a bass trap. Thanks
The soffit will be more effective if it's full - same as a solid corner absorber will be more effective than 4" straddling the corner. Remember the 3 things that control how low an absorber is effective:

- density

- thickness

- distance from the boundary to the leading edge of the absorber

4" of 6lb vs. 6" of 3lb - less thickness of higher density vs more thickness of lesser density. About the same performance but the 6" will cost you less and in some cases will perform better. Once you get beyond 6", the density matters less and less. 12" of 1.5lb material provides a nice smooth curve and extends down nicely.
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